CockroachDB Launches Functions to Increase Development Efficiency and Unlock Easier Migrations to the Cloud


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Cockroach Labs, the company behind the leading cloud-native distributed SQL database CockroachDB, today announced CockroachDB 22.2, which delivers new functionality aimed at increasing developer and operator efficiency while simplifying the architecture of data-intensive applications and enabling teams to migrate off legacy technology to the cloud.

CockroachDB 22.2 delivers User-Defined Functions (UDFs), a top requested feature from customers that will improve development efficiency, reduce application complexity, and streamline database migrations. Now in preview, UDFs extend CockroachDB’s PostgreSQL compatibility and will enable more straightforward migrations of legacy workloads with functions to CockroachDB, letting more organizations modernize their applications. CockroachDB’s UDFs also lay the groundwork for a new category of capabilities called CockroachDB Distributed Functions, which will deliver compatibility with PostgreSQL functions while also being specifically architected to support distributed, horizontally scalable applications.

Cockroach Labs has released several updates that further automate and simplify database operations.These new capabilities let CockroachDB customers:

  • Streamline Application Development
    • Migrate more easily from Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server – the company’s Schema Conversion Tool now supports migration from these databases in addition to PostgreSQL
    • Connect to CockroachDB with a REST API using new support for PostgREST
    • Connect to CockroachDB with a GraphQL API using new support for Hasura
    • Execute fast text search and fuzzy matches with trigram indexes, a popular Postgres extension
    • Set an expiration timeline for data with Time-to-Live (TTL), a popular feature typically found in NoSQL databases
  • Move Data Between Systems More Efficiently
    • Simplify event-driven applications and data analytics pipelines with Change Data Capture (CDC) Transformations, which allow developers to run queries on CDC feeds to extract only the data they need and transform the data upfront before streaming to other systems
  • Improve Performance Without Downtime and Without Being a Database Expert
    • Optimize and troubleshoot workload performance with Intelligent Insights, a new end-to-end monitoring experience that provides actionable fixes from the UI, which developers can apply with a single click in production without downtime
    • Test adding and dropping indexes without impacting live query performance with Invisible Indexes
  • Protect Data From Outages and Disasters
    • Ensure good performance in the face of cloud region outages with secondary regions, which let operators specify which region their data fails over to in multi-region clusters
    • Test and validate backup and restore more easily
  • Satisfy Enterprise Security and Compliance Best Practices
    • Secure cloud clusters with private IPs and controls on where data is allowed to be sent externally
    • Centralized authentication to clusters with SSO from enterprise identity and access managers
    • Audit logs from database-level behavior in the web console

“The data from Intelligent Insights quickly exposed several unused indexes within our workload that had high maintenance overhead,” said Doris Hung, Tech Lead Manager at Yohana, an independent subsidiary of Panasonic. “We were able to quickly drop those indexes to improve write performance by 40% for some of our critical tables, and save hours of unnecessary engineering time. We’re excited to further leverage Intelligent Insights to get the best performance out of CockroachDB.”

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This update signifies the notable growth and maturity the company has seen over the past eight years–providing a solution that over hundreds customers are using. Additionally, CockroachDB has recently been named on Gartner’s 2022 Cloud Database Magic Quadrant and Foresters The Next Wave representing its positioning in the market.

“By partnering closely with our customers as they build scalable, resilient, and low-latency applications, we’ve put together a release that is a leap forward in CockroachDB’s capabilities,” said Nate Stewart, Chief Product Officer at Cockroach Labs. “CockroachDB 22.2 streamlines application development, helps developers quickly troubleshoot performance issues at any scale, and significantly brings down the cost of powering event-driven architectures.”

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