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Today, Cloudastructure announced a new edge surveillance solution, CVR on Cam. The offering enables customers to opt for proprietary surveillance cameras that can encrypt and transfer their surveillance data to the cloud, directly from the camera.

Cloudastructure’s CVR on Cam,combined with Cloudastructure’s end-to-end security platform enables customers to capture, analyze, and promptly respond to any threat on their premises, all without interfering with mission critical operations.

The CVR on Cam encrypts and transfers all surveillance data to Cloudastructure’s cloud-based platform, where AI and Machine Learning algorithms go to work: reviewing and indexing all the video. When a customer receives an alert from the platform, they can log in via their computer or mobile, review the footage forensically and the AI/ML analytics to confirm whether there is a threat, and in the event there is, switch to live view of the location and seamlessly “Voice Down” any perpetrator.

The CVR on Cam solution is ideal for companies that want cloud surveillance but have only a few cameras at some locations. These lower density deployments make it difficult to justify an NVR or CVR to support only a few cameras. With the CVR on Cam, no NVR or CVR is needed

Cloudastructure CEO Rick Bentley commented, “The Security Industry Association [SIA] recently predicted that by 2026, more than 50% of companies will move their surveillance to the edge or to the cloud. Hardware should never be a barrier to that goal. With the CVR on Cam, we enable more companies that desperately need end-to-end cloud-based surveillance to have it.”

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