ClickUp Announces The World’s Only Role-based AI Assistant


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ClickUp, the productivity platform that brings work together in one place, today announced the availability of ClickUp AI — a transformative AI solution that will change the way people work forever. Native to the ClickUp platform, ClickUp AI delivers a purpose-built experience designed to take the guesswork out of leveraging AI for work across every role.

“Artificial Intelligence is the productivity super tool that will define our generation. Every single person will see a massive benefit from AI in the near future,” said Zeb Evans, Founder and CEO, ClickUp. “Integrating AI into our platform marks a monumental stride towards fulfilling our mission of revolutionizing global productivity. Knowledge workers will not only accelerate their tasks but also elevate the quality of their output. Early adoption of AI technology ensures organizations gain a significant competitive edge in productivity and efficiency.”

ClickUp helps customers go beyond the basic application of AI in the workplace. ClickUp puts dozens of AI commands and role-specific prompts directly into the hands of its users. As a result, ClickUp is the only productivity platform that makes it easy to extract immediate business value from AI technology and delivers tangible value to its customers.

New functionality includes:

  • 100+ AI Tools optimized for every role and use case: ClickUp’s research team has partnered with dozens of functional experts to create fully-templatized prompts for almost any high-value use case. Continuously optimized and tested, ClickUp’s AI Tools capture the precise information needed to ensure the highest quality output. In addition, they can be customized with inputs like tone and creativity, and results are pre-formatted and include content structures like bolded titles or structured tables by default.
  • Improve your writing: Highlight any text within ClickUp – such as a document, comment, or task description – and use the new ClickUp AI Toolbar to improve the content. Popular commands include making the content longer or shorter, making it better, or simplifying the writing.
  • Allow AI to lead the way: ClickUp AI generates text and copy for any topic with ease. The “Write with AI” prompt assists you in drafting your next email or outlining a blog post within seconds!
  • Eliminate administrative tasks: Save time and effort for both yourself and your team by avoiding the need to read lengthy documents. Take advantage of ClickUp AI Tools for summarization and generating action items to provide instant recaps or extract next steps from any text with ease.

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ClickUp is the productivity platform of choice for almost two million teams worldwide. True to the companies mission of saving people time to make the world more productive, here are just a few examples of how teams can harness the power of ClickUp AI in their workflows:

  • Marketing: Write a case study, generate a creative brief, and more.
  • Sales: Create a territory plan, write a prospecting email, and more.
  • Product: Write product requirement documentation, design a user testing study, and more.
  • Engineering: Create a sprint retrospective report, generate model schema, and more.
  • Project Management: Create a statement of work, spin up a project timeline, and more.

“ClickUp AI has been amazing for my community, clients, and myself. It has supported our team by writing emails, turning meeting notes into actionable tasks, generating Standard Operating Procedures, and it’s even helped us to ideate and script content,” said Yvi Heimann, Business Efficiency Consultant, Ask Yvi. “We have been able to cut in half the time spent on certain workflows by leveraging AI right inside ClickUp. It’s truly remarkable!”

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