Bunzz PTE Releases DeCipher, a ChatGPT-based Service for Web3 Developers


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Bunzz PTE LTD, a Singapore-based tech company, is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of “DeCipher,” a revolutionary AI-powered tool designed to transform the process of generating smart contract documentation. Waitlist registration for DeCipher has begun, already attracting over 2,000 users. Scheduled to launch in Mid-July, 2023, DeCipher is set to redefine the landscape of blockchain development.

DeCipher leverages advanced AI models, ChatGPT3.5 and 4, specifically optimized for analyzing smart contracts. The resulting “smart contract-specialized GPT” is an incredibly precise tool that has even impressed the Bunzz team. The unique fine-tuning approach employed by DeCipher is currently undergoing patent processing, showcasing Bunzz’s commitment to cutting-edge technology.

Not Just Accurate Documentation Generation, also Editing and Deployment Capabilities

Using DeCipher is incredibly simple: developers can effortlessly generate documentation by copying and pasting the contract’s URL. For those seeking continuous accessibility, DeCipher can be conveniently accessed through the Bunzz Chrome Extension, available on popular Block Explorers like Etherscan.

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DeCipher’s advantages extend beyond mere smart contract analysis. By utilizing the Bunzz CLI, developers can modify contracts after they’ve been analyzed. What’s more, the Bunzz VS Code Extension allows for deployment to all EVM-compatible blockchains, offering a truly comprehensive solution. These features hold substantial value for developers intending to create new applications by forking existing DApps, dramatically enhancing the efficiency of their product development process.

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