Bubblr Launches Innovative GPTDynamic Prototype App: Revolutionizing User Experience With Chat GPT Integration


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Bubblr, Inc., an ethical technology company focused on developing an Ethical Web Open-Source platform for the future of search and the advancement of a better Internet, announces that it has developed prototype apps that utilise Open AI’s Chat GPT product in IOS and Android apps. The new apps are namedGPTDynamic and provide a significantly enhanced user experience for utilising Chat GPT by including additional functionality defined in our US Patent Application No 17/980298, titled “Contextual Enveloping of Dynamic Hypertext Links.”

Steve Morris, the founder and Chief Technology Officer, stated:

“Contextual Enveloping of Dynamic Hypertext Links,” truly encapsulates Bubblr’s innovative approach to information search on the internet. This utility patent is distinguished by its first two claims, which, when combined, create a unique method. It focuses on contextualizing secondary searches based on the results of an initial primary search. In addition, this automatically generates hypertext links in real-time, with these links going to pages that are relevant to the primary search. Chat GPT and other LLMs were not widely known when this patent was first filed in November 2022. However, Chat GPT (and other LLM AI systems, for that matter) is a perfect application for this patent. Consequently, we set about designing and developing an IOS and Android proof of concept app named GPTDynamic.

“GPTDynamic has been tested on both Android and Apple iPhone devices already. Next week we will be allowing a small user group to be able to test GPTDynamic for themselves using Test Flight for Apple users and Google’s App Tester for Android users.

“Even though GPTDynamic is a prototype, we believe that this offers a superior user experience as well as being functionally more powerful than using vanilla Chat GPT.”

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The big difference is the way the Chat GPT results are presented in the GPTDynamic app.

You can see from the screenshots roughly how the GPTDynamic app works for the prompt and how the results for the Chat GPT query are presented.

  1. The first image shows the Chat GPT query. I’m visiting Rome for 3 days. What do I need to see?
  2. The second image shows the top of the Chat GPT results, but it now has dynamically generated hypertext links for known named entities embedded in the text. These hypertext links are different colours depending on the type of entity. For example, a person, a place or another type of entity. Tapping on these links will take you to a relevant page. However, because this is just a proof of concept, this currently goes to the relevant Wikipedia page. Obviously, a production version could have links provided by a commercial search partner.
  3. The third image is at the bottom of the page of the Chat GPT query. Here there is a tag cloud of the identified known named entities. Tapping one of these tagged items will invoke another Chat GPT query with the name of the tag associated with the original query.

There is a video here that demonstrates how this will work with the app installed on an iPhone

In contrast, you can see what happens when you run the same query in Google:

It becomes immediately evident that the top three results are sponsored advertisements. Undoubtedly, one can discern the superiority of Bubblr’s search mechanism, which offers a more refined and user-centric experience compared to traditional search methods that prioritize sponsored content at the top of the page.

“Furthermore, the result page is, in fact, a generated HTML page which can be readily shared with other apps on your device. There is also a history page where previous query results can be searched for, viewed again, or shared again.”

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The launch of GPTDynamic as a production product will need to be approved by the board of directors. As the CTO, I can assure you that we could efficiently complete the development process within a short period of time. Once the app has undergone further testing and received the necessary approvals, we can make the finished product available on the Play Store and App Store.

“We certainly intend to use this technology in a separate tab on our main open-source community app templates, providing superior search capabilities for both Goods and Services and for information.” We are exploring various innovative models that may potentially reduce or even eliminate the cost of Chat GPT usage specifically within the Bubblr app, by leveraging user activity. Through our collective expertise and a collaborative approach, we are poised to successfully implement and launch this cutting-edge solution tailored for the Bubblr platform.

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