Bonitasoft accelerates the production launch of automated processes with a reinforced integration and continuous deployments (CI/CD) approach and a new visual testing tool


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Bonitasoft, the leading open source digital process automation company, announces the launch of Bonita 2023.2. This release accelerates the deployment of process automation projects with a strengthened CI/CD approach. It also provides a visual testing toolbox, Bonita Test Toolkit, accessible to developers and business users to facilitate validation in pre-production.

Bonitasoft announces the launch of Bonita 2023.2 version of its business process automation platform. This version accelerates the production launch of automation projects, developed in the form of standalone and containerized BPM applications (Independent Applications).

Bonita 2023.2 brings two major optimizations for IT development teams:

  • enhanced compatibility with a wide range of CI/CD tools, which makes it possible to develop BPM applications with Bonita according to industry standards,
  • an easy-to-use graphical toolbox to automate tests and improve their coverage.

The whole contributes to rapid and regular deployments.

Continuous development and integration

Bonitasoft relies on a continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) approach to develop each independent application (containerized BPM applications) and thus facilitate updates and modifications. From obtaining source code, through the build phase, to internal deployment, to releasing the final version, independent applications can be natively integrated into continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines. The platform is therefore compatible with the standards used in the industry: Git, Maven, Jenkins, CircleCI, jfrog, etc.

Bonita 2023.2 supports IT teams with the integration of the latest standards and best practices. It also shortens the transition time to production, which considerably improves team efficiency and accelerates the time to value for the company. This new workflow also secures each new development while maintaining control of each application.

Facilitate pre-production testing

This Bonita 2023.2 release comes with a new visual testing tool, Bonita Test Toolkit, to facilitate pre-production testing. More user-friendly, this new version comes with its new tool which provides developers with a way to visualize the paths and tasks that are covered by the implemented tests. This means easier to understand test coverage and therefore increased satisfaction for end users of the application, both internally (employees) and externally (customers, partners).

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The Bonita platform continues to improve as it supports current practices of development teams to make the developer experience as efficient as possible. As part of continued improvements, additional capabilities have been added, such as a session sharing mechanism to ensure continuity and availability of service for users, supporting the high availability, which many businesses require.

“ Our new approach to containerized applications offers users a faster time to market, with state-of-the-art build capabilities for developers, and superior visual testing capability that makes pre-deployment testing seamless faster and more efficient ,” says Charles Souillard, co-founder and CEO of Bonitasoft. “ This approach provides differentiation in the BPM market as it combines the benefits of containerization approaches and technologies, with the power of a BPM platform for process automation.

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