AWS Reveals Three Serverless Innovations to Help Customers Analyze and Manage Data at Any Scale


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At AWS re:Invent, Amazon Web Services, Inc., an, Inc. company (NASDAQ: AMZN), today announced three new serverless innovations across its database and analytics portfolio that make it faster and easier for customers to scale their data infrastructure to support their most demanding use cases.

Today’s announcement introduces Amazon Aurora Limitless Database, a new capability that automatically scales beyond the write limits of a single Amazon Aurora database, making it easy for developers to scale their applications and saving them months compared to building custom solutions. Additionally, Amazon ElastiCache Serverless helps customers create highly available caches in under a minute and instantly scales vertically and horizontally to support customers’ most demanding applications, without needing to manage the infrastructure.

AWS is also releasing a new Amazon Redshift Serverless capability that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict workloads and automatically scale and optimize resources to help customers meet their price-performance targets. These announcements build on AWS’s pioneering work with serverless technologies to help customers manage data at any scale and dramatically simplify their operations, so they can focus on innovating for their end users—without spending time and effort provisioning, managing, and scaling their data infrastructure.

“Since its earliest days, AWS has focused on removing undifferentiated heavy lifting for customers, and we have continued to build on that legacy through serverless offerings that dramatically simplify what it takes to build, run, and manage applications at scale,” said Dr. Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president of Data and Artificial Intelligence at AWS. “Data is the cornerstone of every organization’s digital transformation, and harnessing data to its full potential requires an end-to-end strategy that can scale with a customer’s needs while accommodating all types of use cases. The dynamic nature of data makes it perfectly suited to serverless technologies, which is why AWS offers a broad range of serverless database and analytics offerings that help support our customers’ most demanding workloads. The new serverless innovations announced today build on this foundation to make it easier for customers to scale to millions of transactions per second, quickly add capacity at a moment’s notice, and dynamically adapt workload patterns to optimize for performance and cost.”

Organizations create and store petabytes of data from a growing number of sources. To get the most value out of this data, these companies need an end-to-end strategy that can help them analyze and manage the data at any scale.

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Many AWS customers are already using a wide variety of purpose-built data services to support their most critical applications and make data-driven decisions, including Amazon Aurora for relational databases, Amazon ElastiCache for running in-memory caches, and Amazon Redshift for data warehousing. These services remove much of the heavy lifting that customers have to go through if they run their own database and analytics solutions, allowing them to focus on creating differentiated experiences for their end users.

AWS continues to simplify operations for customers by releasing serverless technologies across its service portfolio, from some of AWS’s earliest offerings like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to pioneering serverless, event-driven computing with AWS Lambda. Today, AWS offers the broadest set of serverless data analytics offerings in the cloud, making it easy for customers to take advantage of benefits like automatic provisioning, on-demand scaling, and pay-for-use pricing while using the right tool for the job. The new innovations announced today further AWS’s commitment to reimagining its database and analytics portfolio through serverless technologies, by making it even easier for customers to optimize costs and maximize their data’s value.

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