Automation Anywhere unveils automation + generative AI to maximize productivity on any team


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Automation Anywhere , the #1 in cloud-native intelligent automation, today announced three major innovations that safely and reliably leverage generative AI in the Automation Success Platform to power productivity in companies and fulfill the mission to help every company build a digital workforce.

According to McKinsey , in order to achieve global GDP targets, companies must  increase their productivity by an estimated 50 percent. As CEOs and board chairpersons ponder how to close the growing productivity gap, generative AI is emerging as a powerful tool for everyday life. The Automation Success Platform unlocks the potential of generative AI to drive action across the enterprise and helps customers ensure responsible use of their AI for the benefit of their employees and stakeholders.

“Every company faces a productivity crisis. However, the combination of generative AI and automation has given us the opportunity to unlock this next wave of productivity and completely transform the way we work,” said Mihir Shukla , CEO and co-founder of Automation Anywhere. “The Automation Success Platform offers new and creative solutions to everyday business challenges beyond chat. It’s about getting things done – from answering emails quickly to creating new automations on demand.”

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Automation Anywhere uses generative AI to increase effectiveness

Generative AI is now integrated throughout the Automation Success Platform, bringing together the productivity gains of automation with AI, making the journey to ROI faster than ever. And because the Automation Success Platform is designed to be fully open and extensible, organizations can flexibly deploy any best-of-breed LLMs to support the use cases most important to an organization. There are three important innovations associated with this first announcement:

Automation Co-Pilot + Generative AI for business users

  • Last year we announced Automation Co-Pilot – an automation assistant embedded in every application. Now Automation Co-Pilot is GPT-driven, further boosting team productivity by enabling team members to run any generative AI use case on any system, from content creation and summarization to sending emails and the Provision of Recommendations.

Automation Co-Pilot + Generative AI for automaters

  • Now embedded in the developer experience and connected to Generative AI, Automation Co-Pilot enables everyone from professional developers to business users to use Generative AI to turn conversation into automation and accelerate automation ROI. Users quickly create automations by conversing in natural language with the Automation Co-Pilot, making automation development accessible to virtually anyone in an organization.

Document Automation + Generative AI

  • Document automation now harnesses the power of generative AI to quickly understand, extract, and summarize data from an ever-expanding universe of unstructured document types, in addition to structured and semi-structured documents. More document types mean more data can be unlocked. And by connecting to automation, data can be inserted directly into a process workflow without data collection and movement.

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The Automation Success Platform is built to the highest security, privacy, and compliance standards that support best practices for responsible use of AI. Its features include guidance on what users can and cannot do, options for human feedback and control, and built-in privacy safeguards, making them the perfect partner to ensure AI is used responsibly.

“AI will drive approximately 20% of business automation spending in 2022,” said Maureen Fleming , program vice president, AI and Automation Research Practice, IDC Cycle in which generative automation is rapidly expanding automation capabilities, accelerating the evolution of automations, and empowering users to automate their work on demand.”

The innovative steps resulting from the integration of generative AI and automation benefit companies in all industries. The Automation Success Platform, infused with generative AI, is the perfect combination of technologies to help customers in industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services streamline operations, improve customer service, increase efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition Stay ahead of the curve while protecting the ethics and standards of their organization.

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