Asset Panda Declares iOS and Apple® Network Discovery and Full Asset Lifecycle Integration with Kandji


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Asset Panda, a leading multi-asset ecosystem platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Kandji, a leader in the device security and device management sector for Apple products, that integrates Asset Panda’s world-class asset management technology with Kandji’s cutting-edge and innovative network discovery and security solutions for Apple products such as iPhones®, Macbooks®, Apple TVs®, etc. Users can now easily and automatically import their Kandji Apple assets into Asset Panda, streamlining the asset management process and solidifying Asset Panda as the one-stop-shop for managing, tracking and notifying data about the status of all assets in a portfolio – anywhere and anytime.

“Asset Panda strives to help the world work smarter by equipping businesses and organizations with the knowledge needed to make better, more informed business decisions about your IT assets,” said Rex Kurzius, Founder and CEO of Asset Panda. “By integrating with Kandji, users get a more holistic view to support your workflow better.”

Through this partnership, Asset Panda and Kandji aim to reduce hours spent trying to track and manage Apple assets by providing the ability to automate processes, enhance control of assets and increase the visibility across a company’s asset ecosystem. Users will no longer need to manually track devices, update their conditions or spend hours searching for misplaced items, as the integration eliminates the manual work and gives users back hours to focus on priorities and not the mundane – including unique command and control passthrough features that allows users to lock any devices directly from Asset Panda. This gives users more access and improved management of your company’s assets and helps troubleshoot problems.

To use the all-encompassing multi-asset ecosystem technology, users must have an Asset Panda subscription and admin access to both Asset Panda and Kandji. See step-by-step instructions to get your Asset Panda account integrated with Kandji.

This partnership gives an unprecedented real-time view of all the assets on a network – regardless of where the user is – powered by Asset Panda’s powerful and flexible cloud-based multi-asset ecosystem platform. Upon launch, eligible users can set up scheduled scans and syncs, then import cloud instance data, software, and Apple assets directly into Asset Panda. By allowing operation out of one system to manage all assets, devices that are synced through Asset Panda are automatically updated and uploaded any time anything happens in Kandji, whether it’s a new device or a device update. Once assets are registered in Asset Panda, the history of each asset is recorded and set up alerts to anticipate potential issues or disruptions.

“Kandji’s strategic partnership with Asset Panda is squarely aimed at extending our industry-leading Apple device management and security solution to include visibility into the inventory, tracking and maintenance of an organization’s Apple fleet by leveraging Asset Panda,” said Dustin Thompson, Head of Partnerships at Kandji. “Kandji’s focus on strategic partnerships, like this one, delivers the innovation which drives successful business operational strategy for our customers.”

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