Applitools Unveils GenAI-Powered Autonomous Testing, Empowering Every Organization to Transform Testing and Brand Experience 


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Applitools, the industry leader for AI-powered test automation, today announced Autonomous, the first fully autonomous test automation solution that automatically generates tests on websites and multi-page web applications and uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to allow developers, test engineers and business users to author automated tests using plain English. Autonomous brings the power of the Applitools Intelligent Testing Platform to everyone, from developers and quality assurance (QA) professionals to digital marketers, to efficiently build, maintain and execute functional and visual tests in minutes across all environments, browsers and devices.

Testing Challenges for Modern Business

The ability to deliver new digital products and features into the hands of consumers is now a competitive advantage. According to a report by TCGen, enterprises that reduce their time to market accrue greater revenue over time. As development time continues to speed up, pressure grows for development and testing teams to deliver digital experiences that render accurately all the time.  Businesses today face significant challenges in validating the functionality and appearance of their digital assets across multiple screens, browsers and devices, with UI/UX updates required multiple times a week or even per day.

Traditional testing tools struggle to match the pace of development, resulting in trade-offs between test coverage, velocity and quality. This often leads to issues such as bugs in production, reduced release confidence, increased costs, slow feedback loops, and delayed timelines, prompting businesses to establish large and costly QA organizations, causing silos and inefficiencies.

Introducing Applitools Intelligent Testing Platform

Applitools, the leader in AI Powered Automated Testing, is transforming testing with its new Autonomous capabilities. By empowering non-technical (i.e. digital marketers, product experts, etc.) and technical team members (i.e. manual QA testers) to run visual and functional tests easily, Applitools is democratizing testing and driving high-quality, reliable products. Applitools is the only platform that allows combining codeless testing with code-based testing using existing open-source test frameworks. With the Intelligent Testing Platform, engineering and product teams reduce risk, improve delivery velocity, and deliver superior digital experiences that align with consumer expectations and business goals, ushering in a new testing standard.

Applitools Autonomous crawls and scans web applications to generate and automatically maintain test cases for each page, while Visual AI validates the entire UI for any functional or visual regressions. These tests can be seamlessly integrated into CI/CD pipelines or scheduled, allowing businesses to monitor critical digital assets effortlessly. With natural language test building and contextual UI testing, teams can author tests with GenAI capabilities and leverage Visual AI to improve coverage and test reliability. This infrastructure supports running at a large scale with speed and stability that exceeds any other product in the market and provides intelligent test infrastructure that self-heals around UI changes and flexible execution options.

EVERSANA, a leading provider of global commercial services to the life sciences industry, has been one of the early adopters of Applitools Autonomous. EVERSANA’s agency team at EVERSANA INTOUCH has tapped into Applitools’ test automation capabilities to accelerate transformation initiatives. “Our testing process transformed when we started using the Applitools Intelligent Testing Platform,” said Michael Blake, Senior Vice President, Development & Quality Services at EVERSANA INTOUCH. “Through this technology, we’ve been able to significantly accelerate all testing and deployments, transforming processes that would take days to just hours, allowing us to deliver faster and better results for clients.”

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With the addition of Autonomous, the Applitools Intelligent Testing Platform stands at the forefront of AI-powered test automation across applications and documents. The platform now includes five powerful solutions that, together, will change the way organizations ensure error-free digital experiences:

  • Autonomous: a game-changing generative test platform for web and multi-page web applications that reduces manual work at every stage of the testing lifecycle. It automatically generates and self-maintains comprehensive, powerful and resilient test suites, and allows using plain English and Visual AI to validate complex scenarios.
  • Preflight: a codeless testing platform for QA professionals building comprehensive, end-to-end tests for web applications of any complexity.
  • Eyes: an AI-powered engine that can integrate into nearly any test framework and language to help validate any interface, from web applications to mobile applications, documents and more.
  • Ultrafast Grid: the next generation of cross browser testing, Ultrafast Grid allows users to perform visual testing across multiple browsers and devices in seconds, to ensure content is visually perfect on every device, screen size, and browser combination.
  • Execution Cloud: the first cloud-based testing platform with built-in self-healing capabilities that enable engineering and testing teams to run existing tests against an AI-powered test infrastructure.

By combining the power of Autonomous, Preflight, Eyes, Ultrafast Grid and Execution Cloud, teams can reduce manual work, create and maintain resilient tests using plain English and involve more teams in the QA process.

“The Applitools Intelligent Testing Platform is a game-changer as it empowers tech-savvy individuals and non-developers to leverage Autonomous testing to ensure flawless digital experiences,” said Alex Berry, CEO of Applitools. “By harnessing Visual AI and Generative AI, we continue to advance UI test automation to streamline testing processes and expedite the delivery of flawless digital experiences.  With Autonomous and our Intelligent Testing Platform, we empower individuals from various teams to contribute to the quality of digital experiences. By fostering cross-team collaboration and putting app and digital asset quality control in all hands, bugs are prevented from reaching production so customers can save resources and invest in innovation and mission-critical endeavors.”

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