Applied Intuition and NI Partner to Accelerate Self-Driving Technology Validation Testing


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Applied Intuition  and  NI today announced that the two companies will combine their expertise to provide a comprehensive solution across the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) validation workflow and Driving Autonomous (AD), ensuring the best-in-class experience for customers.

The collaboration between Applied and NI represents an important milestone in the advancement of autonomous driving technology. The two companies will showcase their joint solution at NI Connect 2023 later this month. By combining their respective strengths, Applied and NI will enable engineers to develop and validate their ADAS and AD systems faster and more securely, ensuring the most cost-effective solution for the customer. This relationship will lead to a safer, more efficient and more reliable autonomous driving future.

Applied specializes in providing simulation and software solutions for ADAS and AD systems. Its platform allows customers to test and validate their autonomous vehicle software in a virtual environment, enabling faster and more cost-effective development. NI’s complete line of ADAS and AD tests includes solution-level customizable products that offer comprehensive test and measurement solutions for the automotive industry. Its hardware and software tools facilitate real-time testing of ADAS and AD systems, providing a safe and controlled environment for engineers to develop, test, and validate Electronic Control Unit (ECU) sensors and algorithms.

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“NI really complements Applied’s strengths,” said Peter Ludwig , co-founder and CTO of Applied Intuition. “NI’s excellent timing fidelity for hardware playback in the loop (HIL) works hand-in-hand with our high-fidelity sensor and object simulation. With our joint solution, engineering teams can finally create consistency across all test levels to improve the quality, reliability, and traceability of your ADAS or AD stack.”

“Working with Applied, we can offer a comprehensive solution for ADAS and AD validation workflows that meet the changing needs of our customers,” said Drita Roggenbuck , senior vice president and general manager of NI’s Transportation Business Unit. . “By combining NI ADAS and AD systems with Applied simulation software, we can improve efficiency and collaboration, resulting in faster time to market for our customers.”

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