Altova Launches New Features For Low-Code & No-Code App Development


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Altova® announced the release of MobileTogether 8.1, its low-code app development platform for building enterprise solutions and native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. The release also includes RecordsManager 2.0, a special, no-code solution for building database apps using the MobileTogether framework.

MobileTogether 8.1

New features include:

  • UI compatibility mode between clients – this time-saving option makes it easy to create apps with default elements that look similar on all device operating systems (instead of using the native look-and-feel of each OS)
  • Deployment of very large server-side files – extended support for files 100 MB and larger makes MobileTogether well suited for building very large enterprise solutions
  • Extended database support – to include support for the latest versions of popular relational databases
  • Major updates for no-code database app development using RecordsManager 2.0 (see below)
  • And many more

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RecordsManager 2.0

RecordsManager is a no-code solution for creating custom database apps in MobileTogether Designer using an intuitive, purely visual design interface. One of the biggest advantages of RecordsManager is that app creators don’t need to build the database backend themselves. This saves an incredible amount of time and work and allows system administrators or developers of all skill levels to easily create effective apps.

New features include:

  • Major scripting extensions – the visual scripting editor lets app administrators define sophisticated app behavior in response to user input
  • New “User” field type – makes it possible to note which user created or modified a record, who is responsible for reviewing it, etc.
  • Hierarchical user groups – make roles assignments easier for firms where users belong to multiple groups (e.g., office, department, management team, etc.)
  • And many more

To view a complete detail about all the new features in this release, please visit the what’s new page.

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