Alteryx Announces Lastest Integrations with Databricks to Make AI Accessible for Users


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Alteryx, Inc., the Analytics Cloud Platform company, today launched new technical capabilities to enable customers to leverage the power of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform with Alteryx Analytics Cloud. These capabilities build on Alteryx’s portfolio of innovations, which includes Alteryx AiDIN, and Databricks’ large language models (LLM) like the recent Dolly, that make analytics, machine learning, and generative AI more accessible so every user across the enterprise can drive decisions that contribute to positive business outcomes.

“We’re excited to expand our partnership with Alteryx to deliver more ways for everyone to use data and AI to drive important business outcomes,” said Roger Murff, VP of technology partners at Databricks. “The Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform will make it easier for our joint customers to prep and transform data in the Databricks Lakehouse Platform and accelerate high-value analytics and AI/ML initiatives.”

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The Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform integration with Databricks offers one cloud-native data stack that opens the door for more non-technical users to use Alteryx’s no-code building blocks to access the data they need and build a workflow to prep, blend, transform, and analyze data in the Databricks Lakehouse. It empowers organizations to:

  • Make smarter business decisions that drive innovation and lower TCO by enabling employees to work with data how they prefer and harness the AI-powered features of Alteryx’s cloud portfolio with Databricks’ Lakehouse architecture, including support for Delta tables.
  • Increase productivity and operational efficiencies by reducing the amount of time employees spend preparing and curating data with Alteryx’s pushdown processing in Databricks Spark.
  • Centralize and govern access to data across environments with Alteryx Analytics Cloud support for Databricks Unity Catalog, enabling more employees to participate in the decision intelligence process.

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“One of the biggest challenges with public health data systems is finding the right tools to invest in that can meet us where we are in both skills and infrastructure and help us transition to new methods and flexible and scalable environments,” said Francoise Pickart, senior epidemiologist at Washington State Department of Health. “With the full power of the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform now being made available on Databricks, we look forward to seeing how these capabilities will continue to help advance our mission to protect and improve the health of all people in Washington state.”

“Data is a team sport, and now business and technical users have a way to collaborate more effectively to contribute to high-value data goals,” said Alteryx’s Adam Wilson, senior vice president and general manager, Alteryx Analytics Cloud. “These joint capabilities from Alteryx and Databricks enable organizations to build an enterprise-wide culture of data literacy and automate analytics at a massive scale.”

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