Akamai Extends Its Industry-Leading DDoS Defense with Prolexic On-Prem and Hybrid Options Powered by Corero


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Akamai Technologies, Inc., the cloud company that powers and protects life online, today announced a global partnership with Corero Network Security, the specialists in distributed denial-of-service protection solutions. Akamai is now offering Corero’s on-premises DDoS protection to extend Akamai Prolexic, Akamai’s own comprehensive portfolio of DDoS security solutions.

DDoS attacks continue to be one of the most prevalent forms of cyberattacks. According to Corero’s threat research, DDoS carpet bombing attacks rose by 300% in 2022, and IPv6-based DDoS attacks increased by 500% during the same period. Similarly, Akamai has observed a record-breaking increase in high packet rate DDoS attacks by cybercriminals, state-sponsored actors, hacktivist groups, and other malicious actors targeting sectors such as financial services, gaming, high tech, and commerce.

Prolexic is a cloud-based DDoS protection platform designed to stop attacks before they reach applications, data centers, and internet-facing infrastructure. Now organizations of all sizes that require on-premises DDoS defenses, whether in addition to cloud-based protection or as a stand-alone solution as part of their own network, can leverage Akamai Prolexic On-Prem, which is powered by Corero’s SmartWall ONE. The Corero SmartWall ONE solution includes patented mechanisms that accurately detect and automatically stop volumetric and state-exhaustion DDoS attacks to prevent downtime.

“As organizations increasingly adopt hybrid workloads, the question of whether to deploy on-premises DDoS protection or subscribe to a cloud DDoS provider is not an ‘either-or’ choice. The partnership between Corero and Akamai provides a comprehensive approach to DDoS protection, allowing organizations and service providers to rest easy for both their on-premises and cloud-based needs,” said Corero’s Chief Technology Officer, Ashley Stephenson.

Akamai Prolexic On-Prem, powered by Corero, helps protect against DDoS attacks on-premises and provides customers and mitigators maximum flexibility for use cases where a cloud solution cannot or may not be used exclusively. Akamai Prolexic Hybrid combines cloud-based and on-premises DDoS defenses into a comprehensive solution that offers the lowest possible latencies and minimizes traffic redirection, while providing the security of a massive 20+ Tbps dedicated defense capacity from more than 36 scrubbing centers of the Akamai Prolexic cloud platform.

Network services providers, hosting and cloud vendors, and businesses offering SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS can now leverage Akamai Prolexic On-Prem and Hybrid solutions to protect their own environments and provide DDoS protection services to their customers. With Akamai Prolexic On-Prem, the operational costs related to transferring traffic to the cloud can be eliminated for the vast majority of small, fast, and subsaturating attacks, while the cloud-based defenses of Akamai Prolexic defend the network against sophisticated high-volume multi-vector attacks.

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The new Prolexic Hybrid solution also allows companies to protect data-intense real-time services, like videoconferencing, gaming, voice, or multimedia applications, where low-latency local protection is preferred. The hybrid solution lets organizations bring DDoS defense on-premises while still getting the safety of Prolexic’s massive cloud-based defense capacity to defend against large, sustained attacks.

“It’s no secret that DDoS attacks are becoming bigger and more sophisticated. In just the past two years, seven out of 10 attacks observed were the largest ever mitigated by Akamai, and 65% of attacks we are seeing are highly targeted multi-vector attacks,” said Sean Lyons, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Infrastructure Security at Akamai. “Our partnership with Corero allows us to deliver a robust solution while enabling organizations to select the most optimal DDoS solution for their individual use cases whether it be on-demand, always-on, cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment.”

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