Airties and Domos Form Strategic Alliance to Provide Enhanced Latency Management to Broadband Service Providers


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Airties, a global leader of managed Wi-Fi solutions for broadband service providers, and Domos, a global leader in end-to-end latency management and service assurance, today announced a strategic alliance to provide enhanced latency management capabilities to broadband service providers around the world.

Specifically, Airties and Domos will jointly own the latency monitoring software module, based on Domos’ existing module, and will be embedded into Airties Smart Wi-Fi software. Additionally, Domos will gain access to Airties’ extensive customer base to expand distribution of its Network X-ray agent through integration with Airties Smart Wi-Fi solutions. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“At Airties, our aim is to help broadband service providers improve their subscribers’ quality of experience (QoE) and reduce customer support costs by proactively fixing home network issues,” said Metin Taskin, Co-CEO and founder of Airties. “This new strategic alliance with Domos enables us to do that even better by bringing their complementary expertise into our portfolio. Domos’ technology, integrated into our Smart Wi-Fi software, will enable us to better monitor and address latency challenges across devices via real-time network optimizations and application prioritization.”

“We are excited about this new strategic alliance with Airties to help address the persistent challenge of latency facing application developers and internet users around the world,” said Olav Nedrelid, CEO and co-founder of Domos. “With the exponential growth in video conferencing, streaming, gaming, and other applications where the impact of latency is significant, it is becoming the key metric to measure and address application outcomes and end user experiences. Given Airties’ market leadership in Managed Wi-Fi, we can now help a large and growing footprint of broadband service providers around the world make their networks truly application aware”.

One of the key benefits of Airties’ unique hybrid cloud-edge architecture is reduced latency at the home network level. Key optimization decisions are made via software on the gateway/extender without needing to rely on the time delays, and added cost, of the cloud. This is especially critical for applications like video conferencing, gaming, premium video services, and VR/AR applications, and it is a significant factor why many leading broadband operators have selected Airties. With this new latency capability, Airties will be able to better measure latency at the device and application level and leverage that data as part of Airties’ analytics dashboards and optimization services. Airties plans to offer the new latency monitoring and data analytics as a value-added capability as part of the company’s patented Wi-Fi Experience Index (WFEI).

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In parallel, Domos will continue to focus on providing other value-added latency services to customers, including Network X-ray, which provides application centric analytics and root cause analysis across the network, helping broadband service providers adapt their network to each individual application, while also enabling application developers to adapt in real time to the network at hand. With Network X-ray, broadband service providers can specifically identify application outcome issues in the cloud, core or access networks or in the home – where integration with Airties Smart Wi-Fi provides automatic optimizations across the home network.

Airties has been recognized with many prestigious industry awards for its innovative work serving broadband operators, including: “Best Home Wi-Fi Solution Award” from Broadband World Forum; “Best Wi-Fi Service Provider Solution” and “Best Home Wi-Fi Product” awards from Wi-Fi NOW; “Best-In Home Wi-Fi Network” award from Wireless Broadband Alliance; “Best Broadband Customer Experience” from Cable & Satellite International; and many others.

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