A New Face Recognition SDK v. 8.1 Released by Luxand


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Luxand has released a new version of its face recognition SDK. The latest FaceSDK v. 8.1 introduces significant enhancements, including support for additional platforms, an increased number of ready-made samples, and improved compatibility.

The newly released FaceSDK version 8.1 now includes a WebAssembly build and samples, a Flutter wrapper with samples for iOS and Android, a React Native wrapper with samples for iOS and Android, and a .NET Standard 2.0 wrapper. Alongside new platforms and samples, this version features improved iOS samples for Swift, updated Android samples for Android Studio, enhanced IDE compatibility for the Python wrapper, and upgraded face detection technology.

Luxand’s face recognition SDK enables developers to create face recognition applications for Web, Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android platforms. Usage scenarios range from security solutions to entertainment apps. FaceSDK is utilized in building time and attendance control systems, identifying and authenticating users via webcams, searching for matching faces in photo databases, detecting facial features in graphic editors, and creating avatars and profile pictures in messengers & games, among other uses.

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In addition to core algorithms for face detection, recognition, and tracking, FaceSDK also includes features like thermal face detection, mask-on face detection, and both passive and active liveness checks. With its latest enhancements, FaceSDK now supports over 10 programming environments, including Microsoft Visual C++, C#, Objective C, Swift, Java, VB, Delphi, Python, WebAssembly, React Native, and Flutter.

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