3nets Launches CloudNavigator™ a Service Delivery Platform (SDP)


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3nets, a software and solution provider, driven to assist business’ digital transformation journey, is launching 3nets | CloudNavigator™. 3nets | CloudNavigator leverages Cloud Computing and Multi-Cloud Networking (MCN) constructs along with private/telecom networks in building a Service Delivery Platform (SDP) that businesses or service providers may utilize to simplify IT functions.

“Today’s launch represents an important step in 3nets’ quest to provide businesses with a trusted environment to develop, deploy and deliver applications.  Such an environment could span across private cloud/datacenters, edge, regional or hyperscale public clouds, which can be managed and operated by the 3nets | CloudNavigator™ platform”, says Abraham Pucheril, CEO of 3nets. “Multi-cloud deployments have entered the mainstream as application and data workloads are increasingly dispersed across private data centers and public clouds. While certain businesses want to maintain a hybrid infrastructure environment leveraging the cloud for overages and advanced functions, others seek to minimize private data centers and fully migrate to the cloud. Others, bitten by cloud costs, are intent to repatriate application and data workloads to On-Premises. The 3nets | CloudNavigator™ is designed to address these scenarios by simplifying, optimizing, and automating cross-cloud environments and improving operational scalability”.

With 3nets | CloudNavigator™, businesses receive the freedom to adopt any Cloud easily for cost or functional reasons. The platform employs connectors that build a secure hybrid/multi-cloud fabric named 3nets | Application Service Fabric™.

The ASF™ is a location-neutral, elastic, “cohesive whole” formed by eliminating the cloud provider VPC boundaries so they can be federated together to form a unified VPC across cloud providers. By deploying the ASF™, application owners enjoy simplified VPC peering and network micro-segmentation across cloud environments.

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3nets | CloudNavigator™ is currently undergoing evaluation validating advantages such as:

  • Operational Simplicity: The tight integration of On-Premises and cross-cloud assets with integrated security, simplify operations across environments.
  • Observability: Network discovery tools that enable customers to visualize their cloud operating environment, and simplify network visibility from VPC to VPC.
  • Automation: Intelligent algorithms that automate fabric deployment, elasticity, scalability, and resilience while providing actionable intelligence to assist IT organizations.
  • Business Continuity: Ability to simplify multi-cloud application high-availability services.
  • Mico-segmentation: A secure encrypted fabric that unifies security across the entire environment.
  • Workload Migration: Simplifying VMs and data migrations across the ASF™
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