Upskilling DevOps is a Key to Building a Resilient Organization

    Upskilling DevOps is a Key to Building a Resilient Organization

    Businesses without effective strategies to upskill DevOps will find it challenging to ingrain resilience in their organizations.

    With the entire globe embracing innovation-first culture, there is a significant amount of evolution in the business landscape. Recent developments in cloud computing, virtual reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) are helping enterprises to revolutionize their workflows. Many enterprises are finding it challenging to leverage these technologies to get a competitive advantage in the new business paradigm.

    CIOs should consider developing a resilient DevOps team to ensure the organizations’ security, efficiency, and scalability.

    Today customers expect a quicker and simpler application deployment and development process, improved stability, and product quality. To suffice and exceed this customer demand, enterprises need to invest in upskilling their DevOps teams to optimize the outputs. Moreover, it is one of the most effective ways to attract, hire and retain the best talent available in the resource pool.

    Here are a few ways that CIOs can consider prioritizing upskilling DevOps to ensure highly efficient business processes: 

    Identify and assign subject matter experts

    Enterprise workflows are becoming more complex, and the number of legacy systems in the IT infrastructure results in technical debts. The workforce is also becoming more diverse with various skill sets that can be beneficial for the overall growth of the organization.

    CIOs should consider evaluating the resources based on their skillsets and their core expertise. Identifying and assigning a subject matter expert for every potential roadblock will help to reduce the DevOps bottlenecks. It is crucial to increase the accessibility of SMEs to ensure a frictionless DevOps process.

    Create a DevOps knowledge pool

    Enterprises need to have established workflows to gather and store all the necessary information to help their learning and development operations scale. CIOs should consider designing a map of all the advanced tools that will enable them to get a competitive edge in the industry.

    Developing a knowledge pool for the DevOps teams to improve their professional skills will help to increase the efficiency of their application development processes. An effective enterprise learning management system will help businesses to track the upskilling performance of the entire DevOps teams.

    Seamless and centralized access to information

    With the current fast-paced development of different technologies and evolution in the workflows, enterprises cannot expect one resource to look after all the application development processes and ensure deployment before the deadline.

    CIOs should consider offering a holistic view of the DevOps information to streamline the processes. A cloud-based learning management system will enable businesses to centralize the entire DevOps information to easily access it whenever required. It is one of the most effective ways to accelerate the onboarding process and make them productive quickly.

    Ingrain resiliency into the DevOps

    There are potential chances of constant technical debts because of multiple factors. Organizations that have adopted static documentation processes might miss out on a lot of vital application development information. DevOps teams need to maintain the code throughout to ensure making the most out of the development, deployment, and post-deployment cycles. CIOS should consider designing a DevOps upskilling strategy that is relevant to the latest tech trends.

    Businesses need to set up a positive working environment that has a seamless information flow to enhance the workflows. Upskilling DevOps is one of the most effective approaches to attracting, hiring, and retaining the best talent and setting a work culture that constantly thrives for growth.


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