Tips for Software Developers to Survive During the Economic Recession

    Tips for Software Developers to Survive During the Economic Recession

    Presenting yourself as an expert coder and resilient revenue contributor will help you emerge from the economic downturn more robustly than ever as a software developer.

    Every few years, the world spirals into an economic recession. Companies lay off their employees in huge numbers. For the past few months, big companies like Amazon, Google, and Twitter have terminated thousands of employees.

    This could be anyone, even developers. Therefore, software developers must also enhance their capabilities to save themselves from this recession. Below are some tips for software developers to survive during the economic slowdown.

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    Skillset Diversification

    As recession causes a cut down of company employees to limit expenditure, you have to be versatile and develop the ability to go above and beyond the basic skills required for any job. The trick is to fit in other skill -requirements if one project gets axed. More versatility is a valuable asset to the company, decreasing the chances of layoff during the economic recession.

    Therefore, to retain in a company, you need to upscale your skills by learning new languages or taking classes. Even though learning new skills is a time taking process, it will accelerate your value as a software developer, increasing the probability of being in the company during the economic downturn. After learning all new skills, remember to list them in your resume or social media.

    Emphasize More On Attaining Product Goals 

    As a software developer, your love for code quality should ensure the success of the product goals. During an economic recession, non-essential employees are more likely to get laid off; after all, companies focus on their ROI and not just the developer’s code quality. Hence, keep reevaluating your work and ensure that the company or clients know the advantage you bring to the table and what potential you have.

    Software developers must emphasize their financial or revenue contribution to the company’s short or mid-term targets. To ensure the company’s value, you must seek tangible indicators of the results delivered, such as site traffic, customer engagement, leads, etc. This way, the company will take you as an essential asset.

    Freelancing Experience

    In a world where the gig economy is slowly taking over permanent jobs, especially during the economic recession, companies might be more interested in retaining freelance software developers rather than hiring a full-time developer.

    Taking advantage of this freelancing opportunity, as a software developer, you can work for multiple companies simultaneously, from which the earning flow will continue, and you might make extra money. 

    Increase Your Visibility 

    Software developers must ensure that their leaders know what an active contribution they are making to the company’s profits. They must be included in working on critical projects in practical ways. Active participation and engagement in projects will increase the visibility of the developers.

    Even if you work from home, ensuring attendance in critical decisions is a must, so always attend important meetings. It will keep you know what’s happening and what essential projects companies are working on. By being active in these projects meeting, you can give an idea on that project that makes you the star of your team.

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    MVP Approach On Your APP

    During an economic recession, when companies look to cut down expenses and try to integrate new software into their system but cannot afford it, software developers can get a few users who will pay for the app during its development time. This way, developers can have real-time feedback from the users and rectify the errors before the final product is released.

    Companies involved in this software development process might buy your product or service if it benefits them. As a software developer, you must opt MVP approach and push out updates regularly, which will get loyal customers by the end of the economic recession, these loyal customers will work as advocates, and you can market at a much higher cost.

    If you will update your skills, work actively on projects, and have an enthusiastic

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