Skills Needed to be a Metaverse Developer


    Developers have an immense interest in metaverse development that has rapidly increased over the past year. As several tech giants and startups want a head start in this tech disruption, their demand for skilled metaverse developers has increased.

    In the fast-evolving and emerging industry, there has been a tremendous increase in the need for metaverse developers. According to Citi’s Metaverse report, the market size of the metaverse is expected to become USD 13 trillion by 2030. These predictions led investors and tech giants to put their foot ahead in this space to create an impact and look for skilled metaverse engineers.

    Since Facebook has rebranded itself into Meta, it has encouraged developers to work on this exciting project that will change the reality perception. Meta has announced millions of dollars to invest in developers building apps for their virtual experiences and VR headsets.

    This is the right time to begin developing in the metaverse space.

    Despite the world being on the verge of recessions, investments in metaverse development projects have remained constant, and opportunities for developers are growing.

    The Role of Metaverse Developer

    A metaverse developer produces and designs immersive experiences for a virtual world or a Web3 platform with Mixed Reality. Currently, it is about developing Web3 game platforms and building a virtual experience within a decentralized world. Metaverse engineers must be able to create an engaging experience for all web users.

    A metaverse developer should be well-versed in one or more programming languages and should also be able to gather software requirements in the entire process. Designing and developing virtual experiences with digital art in the metaverse virtual world is also possible.

    Difference Between a Traditional and a Metaverse Developer

    Here, ‘traditional’ developer has skills in coding required by Conventional / Web 2.0 companies, in prevalent languages. These languages are widely used and deployed in most tech companies, including web development, gaming, and data science.

    Some of these languages are also required for metaverse development, like C# and Rust for VR developers, and some like SQL and Python are commonly needed in finance, like for Blockchain. However, specific additional skills can give metaverse developers an edge over traditional ones as the tech world grows.

    Desired Skills for the Metaverse Development Jobs

    Blockchain Development: Blockchain development is a crucial part of many virtual worlds that deal with the protocols of the virtual economy in the metaverse. The metaverse developers must be able to build Blockchain protocols and monitor smart contracts as per those protocols.

    Solidity is the most preferred language to develop Blockchain protocols, especially under the Ethereum Blockchain. But, there are many types of Blockchain, which can be categorized as follows –

    • Public: These are permission less and restrictionless Blockchain.
    • Private: These Blockchain requires permissions governed by a single organization.
    • Hybrid: These are a combination of public and private Blockchain.Consortium: These also require permissions that multiple organizations manage.

    3D Modeling: 3D technology is vital to the metaverse experience with increasing virtual reality demands. These developers must proficiently know Unity tools and Unreal Engine. The 3D experience creators, especially the ones who want to build their 3D projects, should also be well-versed in different visual development tools.

    Artificial Intelligence: AI needs to be used for decentralization and self-governing metaverse experiences to function independently, which are dominant among Web 3 enthusiasts.

    Many Web3 gaming companies and virtual world startups require Artificial Intelligence development skills. Languages like C++, R, and Python are preferred among coders to set up AI models.

    Non-Fungible Tokens: Since digital art sales took off, NFTs have gained popularity. The NFT projects were selling fast in late 2021 and early 2022, but now the FOMO has been reduced as more and more people are entering the space and creating virtual art.

    There is much space for NFT creators to build virtual things like avatars, fashion products, real estate, etc. Programmers able to develop such NFTs will be in massive demand by multiple conventional brands looking to enter the metaverse.

    To work in a metaverse developers team, one needs to understand the functioning of virtual worlds, and 3D modeling, along with the Metaverse design and mechanics. Further, choosing a sector where one wants to build skills and work is essential. Participating in relevant hackathons – national and international remote ones is the way forward.

    Staying active in the metaverse community is vital to let prospective employers know about the skills one possesses in the metaverse space. Simultaneously being active on platforms like Discord, Telegram, and LinkedIn will also help developers to get noticed.

    An enthusiast or a team of developers may start working on independent projects and putting them on platforms like GitHub to get seen. Also, most metaverse jobs are remote, which helps not to be confined to a location and earn handsomely.

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