Plagiarism in Coding

    Plagiarism in Coding

    Coding may be a highly creative process, even while there are established conventions in place. But plagiarism can land developers in a huge soup!

    When a code copied without any valid authorization or credits to the original code is considered source code plagiarism. One of the most common references come while referring to a code repository or a forum such as a stack overflow. In this article, we will learn some dos and don’ts to avoid plagiarism in coding and will also get to know about the best code plagiarism checkers that can help you to make your programming plagiarism-free.

    Tips to Avoid Plagiarism in Coding

    Plagiarism Checkers tool

    Many people think that plagiarism checker software is only to check text files but this is a myth, you are still unaware of the potential of the plagiarism checker tool. There are several advanced tools available in this internet age that can help you to assess whether or not your code has been copied.

    These methods for checking for plagiarism in your coding are able to detect both genuine and partial plagiarism. Even if you utilized different variables, you can still notice resemblances in your coding.

    Use of External Source Code

    The majority of software engineers struggled with determining when and how to deploy external source code. There are several restrictions even though using external sources and libraries is allowed. As a program developer, it is your responsibility to make sure all references are incorporated in the suggested sources.

    One can easily know whether the usage of external source code has been approved or not cheers to tools like Code Plagiarism Checker that can spot code similarities and provide URLs to the original source.

    Reference Documentation

    When copying code from outside sources, you need to mention all of your sources by adding comments to the sources in the main file. This would help the instructor to determine whether a certain chunk of code was original or copied.


    Though coding on your own is quite difficult and finding solutions to the problem all by yourself is even more challenging because of the countless errors which may occur, brainstorming is an experience in itself and is quite safe as well as rewarding. Moreover, finding out the solution will give more confidence about how to program.

    List of Best Code Plagiarism checkers software

    It is quite impossible to find similarities or copied coding without the help of the proper tool. So here are some best plagiarism checkers software for coding-

    1. Codeleaks

    Codeleaks has successfully used cutting-edge AI technologies to provide plagiarism services for bloggers, universities, and publications, and it is now assisting developers in identifying plagiarism amongst codes. It is easy to use and very precise supporting 20+ programming languages such as XML, GO, C, C#, Java, Python, HTML, etc., handling a variety of file formats. Though the API time is slow but gives accurate plagiarism reports for every submitted code.

    1. Codequiry

    This code plagiarism checker software digs deeper into the coding, giving coders that have been proven to be unique, which distinguishes this tool from other code checker software. It is very useful for both web developers and clients allowing users to identify any duplicate information in a given code quickly. This code has an amazing feature that compares the code against over 20 billion lines of public code. It supports programming languages like python, java, C++, etc., and also provides a pie chart of the sources that are used in code.

    1. CCFinderX

    It is a code-clone detector that discovers similar code in numerous coding languages like Java, COBOL, C, C++, VB, and C#.  It is an upgraded version CCFinder that has been redesigned and re-implemented from scratch. The architecture and technologies assure enhanced performance by letting user-side customization of a pre-processor and giving dynamic data analytics.

    Rules and regulations pertaining to plagiarism are likely to strengthen as coding continues to advance as a medium of communication.  Avoid copy-paste and referring to other sources extensively, instead learn techniques on how to innovate new and exciting solutions.

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