Must-Have Features of Enterprise Application Software (EAS) 2023

    Must-Have Features of Enterprise Application Software (EAS) 2023

    A suitable enterprise application software must be able to manage and track every process using a client platform-based software architecture.

    Many leading businesses have seen early success partly due to Enterprise Application Software (EAS). However, developing the best EAS solution might be challenging because so many different EAS options are available for various business requirements.

    Below are some must-have features of EAS that every software developer should be skilled in, for better opportunities in enterprise business.

    Customer Information Management

    As most companies are focusing on customer needs, customer service becomes a problem for businesses because creating a consistent approach for every client is not easy. Therefore, software developers need to develop applications that can create an enormous network with the ability to gather important data for customer comfort.

    It should be simple and easy to use, allowing users to navigate their profiles. By doing this, it will organize all the crucial data, helping businesses make decisions about the company’s marketing strategy.

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    Sign-on Authentication

    While applications development is totally decided by the industry sector, there are some common issues across the board. For instance, it gets frustrating for users to log in each time they want to use services within the same company, which leads them to non-cooperation. But if users get one account via which they can access all the EAS makes their work more efficient. Therefore, single sign-on authentication is a must-have feature that software developers focus on while developing enterprise application software.


    Securing authentication for multiple accounts and an SSO is crucial. With the security foundation of multi-factor authentication, the users need to verify their identity by offering more factors. In order to have a higher level of security, enterprise application security needs to have a customized system for user passwords.

    Companies must restrict how long a password can be used or how many times a user can utilize it before requesting a new one.

    The flow of data must stop as a result of digitalization. Therefore, it is best for developers to encode it such that no one can access it. It is crucial to take essential issues like data storage, transport, and utilization into account when creating EAS. Software developers should focus on securing data by using various authentication procedures in order to reduce data theft.


    Finding a suitable candidate for a job opening is a big task. Doing it manually on dozens of websites is more exhausting. Therefore, companies need to have good skills to develop modern enterprise application software that can significantly increase the capabilities and efficiency of HR managers.

    This way, they can quickly navigate applicants, do follow-up calls and assign job interviews which will allow companies to eliminate repetitive, monotonous tasks and fill job openings more efficiently.

    Extensive Coverage

    The EAS needs to perform and work extensively supporting the organization’s workforce, irrespective of location. This is very important for MNCs, therefore, software developers need to build enterprise application software that is capable enough to support many individual remote workers.

    Flexible Nature

    As the industry moves toward a digital economy, business requirements might potentially shift quickly and unpredictably. In such a situation, EAS should be adaptable so that it can swiftly adjust to changes with the least amount of customization or modification possible without disrupting the organization’s main business process.

    Additionally, Enterprise Application Software needs to be able to communicate with other platforms and services that the organization generally uses by using an API, plugins, extensions, etc.

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    Real-time Analytics

    Businesses must handle multiple processes and services and communicate with stakeholders, and for that, their applications need to be enhanced with a real-time analysis feature that will help organizations with improved data processing efficiency and decision-making.

    As enterprise application software makes many business plans and decisions easy by automating repetitive tasks and processes, it is important to have the suitable one for the company to fully realize its potential.


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