Proficiencies Required to be a Full Stack Java Developer

    Proficiencies Required to be a Full Stack Java Developer

    A full-stack Java developer utilizes Java frameworks and tools to develop the software at the client and server end.

    A robust full-stack developer adds value to the business and can quickly work and process the project requirements independently, thereby minimizing operational costs. Irrespective of the stack one chooses, there are clear similarities in the architecture and design patterns.

    Therefore, a developer needs to develop the skills of a full stack depending on the company’s project requirements or career goals. Here are a few skills required to be a full-stack Java developer.

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    Familiarity with Spring Frameworks and DevOps Tools

    The spring framework is a comprehensive, lightweight tool that supports Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) and works perfectly alongside MVC architecture.

    It is a robust option for Java projects with a modular framework that can be utilized with any or all project layers with numerous security features that necessitate authentication, verification, and validation.

    Several businesses prefer Spring MVC, Spring Boot, and Spring Cloud to develop web applications. Therefore, full-stack developers need to master the skills of these popular Java frameworks.

    Full-stack developers must be aware of DevOps with lifecycle phases like continuous development, integration, and testing. Developers also need to know Jenkins to ensure optimum efficiency in the processes. The developer needs to have sound essential DevOps tools like Maven, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, and AWS to station the best practices, create ideal environments, and build scripts.

    JavaScript and HTML/CSS

    JavaScript allows developers to create a solid website by adding a complex and dynamic touch to websites that can run natively in the browser and on the server.

    Most commonly, JavaScript and its features, like React and Angular, can modify HTML & CSS to update content, animate images and illustrations, and create interactive maps, menus, and video players. At the same time, developers need to be familiar with DOM and JSON to stay in line with the introduction of new frameworks and libraries.

    HTML and CSS are both programming languages used to build user-friendly websites that are intuitive and visually appealing. Leveraging both languages can assist developers in building websites that attract the right target audience and keep them engaged.

    Databases, Web Storage, and Backend Languages

    A database stores all the project data securely, enabling numerous teams to work on these projects collaboratively, ensuring everyone is aware of the progress and modifications.

    Full-stack Java developers, they need to be familiar with the peculiarities of NoSQL databases and web storage with in-depth knowledge of XML /JSON and relational and non-relational databases. This level of expertise will allow the developers to create, understand and manipulate database queries.

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    Fundamentals of Design Patterns, HTTP and REST

    Developers are often tasked to develop a Java web application from scratch that involves writing object-oriented code. Design patterns offer solutions to traditional issues with object-oriented coding.

    A robust understanding of design patterns will enable the developer to write flexible code that is easier to modify if the need arises. HyperText Transmit Protocol (HTTP) allows the server to communicate easily with the user, while Representational State Transfer (REST) is a link between systems that uses HTTP to gather data and commence various operations.

    Java is a popular coding language that offers excellent career prospects, with one of the most crucial roles in the industry being Java’s full-stack developer. Since the industry is packed with aspirants, the developers need to own the above essential skills to stand out.


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