Is Artificial Intelligence a threat to Software Developers?

    Is Artificial Intelligence a threat to Software Developers?

    Deploying machine learning algorithms and frameworks will examine codes and automatically optimize them for interoperability and greater performance. Changes in digital requirements necessitate the transformation of legacy systems and extensive restructuring.

    This question is quite controversial yet very interesting. There are many different opinions on this. Artificial intelligence is doing everything. It can compose songs, paint pictures, help in surgery, cancer therapy, drive cars, play games, and now it can write code as well.

    This coding capability makes this question more crucial if AI would risk software developers’ jobs. Will AI hamper human programming? Will software development be fully automated?

    Exciting right? Let us dig more into if this is even possible.

    Artificial intelligence solutions have transformed the modern enterprises and business operation domain entirely, and it has even impacted software development and testing drastically.

    The empowerment of AI use for software development is anticipated by experts in order to increase the efficiency of the software development lifecycle. To know if AI can replace software developers, here are some thoughts.

    How AI helps software developers 

    Artificial intelligence helps software developers in determining errors in their code as it is written. An AI tool has been created named Commiy Assistant by Ubisoft, to monitor incorrect codes by using a software library of usual coding errors encountered in previous projects.

    This tool helps developers by preventing them from repeating the mistakes they made earlier in coding, saving time and effort later on in the process.

    Other than this error identification, Artificial intelligence and machine learning(ML) algorithm fix bugs by configuring systems to analyze programs for errors and fix them respectively before they are published. This time-saving attempt by AI, helped software developers to deliver projects on time with accuracy.

    Is Coding possible via AI?

    The continuous evolution of artificial intelligence and its development has opened doors for AI to write better software codes even faster and with lesser error than the best human software developers, creating a threat for software developers.

    Businesses are planning to leverage Artificial Intelligence in software development, testing, and coding tasks, since AI tools ensure delivery of high-quality code with all functional requirements.

    AI coding can cut down the workload in terms of automating code development and identifying faults in the code manually.

    Can Artificial Intelligence replace software developers?

    The answer to this question is currently no. Even though simple code that already exists can be written by AI tools, AI is currently unable to decide which features to prioritize or what issue a piece of software in development would solve.

    To create code based on a comprehension of particular needs and specifications, a human’s brain is needed. In the future, software developers might not do actual coding, but will be responsible for analyzing and curating data for use as inputs to AI algorithms via which software will be created.

    So yeah, AI is not a threat to software developers and will not replace them. At best it can take over the repetitive tasks, but the final curation will require a human developer, as things stand today.

    Software engineers, however, need to be aware of the modern technologies that can develop computer software without the use of coding. Software engineers can outline the conditions and components needed to prime or prepare the software.

    Artificial intelligence has the ability to replace many developer-related duties, but it still has to be improved, especially in prompting.

    Software developers must make use of the advantages that AI technology offers because the trend is unavoidable. In order to increase efficiency and reduce costs, many sectors are implementing AI technology.

    By utilizing AI solutions to advance their skill sets and adapt to the changing environment, software engineers may perform better.

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