How PWA Can Help Businesses

    How PWA Can Help Businesses

    As the online market expands, developers and businesses seek ways to get their products and applications to their customers and target audiences more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, developing Progressive Web Application (PWA) provides several advantages such as speed, offline navigation, and low development costs.

    PWAs are extremely useful for engaging the audience and reaching a larger user base. PWA ensures a modern and lightweight progressive approach, ideal for projects with limited resources requiring rapid development and simple update. Here are a few benefits of using PWA for businesses.

    Minimal Data Storage and Usage

    Unlike native applications, which require users to download, install and grant permissions to run, PWAs resemble a website, which loads everything on spot. As a result, data usage and size are no longer an issue, significantly increasing the user’s likelihood of sticking with the PWA.

    PWA Works Offline

    One of the most desired features for users is offline navigation as it avoids loss of data and services if the connection is weak. PWA enables offline navigation by caching and storing a portion of the app’s data. They make use of service worker capabilities to provide data while also improving performance by dealing with cached resources, managing networks, and enabling push notifications even when not connected to the internet.

    Excellent Performance

    PWA loads faster by utilizing background service workers to do the heavy lifting. These scripts run independently of the web page and pre-fetch all necessary data to keep navigation fast and seamless.

    Furthermore, because the scripts are not running on the page, they do not contribute to page load times.

    Lower Development Cost

    PWAs utilize common programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS with maintenance requiring a single team focusing only on web development. Furthermore, because most web technologies have been around for a long time, finding a team with web development experience is easier and less expensive.

    Resembles the Native Apps

    PWAs look sophisticated and perform like native applications. There is no need to make an account or grant a specific set of permission. Even systems such as sharing, audio recording, camera, push notifications, and geolocation can interact with progressive apps. Furthermore, features like QR code reading and user location for promotions and alerts in the user’s vicinity are still well within the capabilities of a well-designed PWA.

    Platform and Device Independent

    PWAs focus on building progressive web applications supporting cross-platform and total devices, unlike the native development platform which needs to be developed twice and fine-tuned to each device.

    Reduces the Need for Third-party App Distribution

    Publishing the app on an application store incurs an additional cost to the project, along with a lengthy publishing and validation process. This process can be avoided while using PWA. It can be a lot easier for the user to use PWA as long as they have the latest browser and will be able to download different versions conveniently.

    Growing Online Visibility

    The primary advantage of a PWA is that it can be indexed and listed by search engines similar to any website on the internet. Therefore, to increase the online visibility and drive organic traffic directly to the PWA an SEO can be utilized. 

    Offers More Efficient Security

    PWAs utilize HTTPS to manage and maintain the safety of the data stored within the applications and eliminate the risk of illegal activities, security breaches, and content tempering.

    Many data-driven business apps that do not feel the need to be built and deployed natively will almost certainly be developed as PWAs. PWAs are the future because they can make a lot of data in your app available even when you’re not connected to the internet, ensuring that elements like banners, promotions, and frequently used resources are always available, ensuring fast and seamless navigation.


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