Top 15 Data Migration Tools in 2023

    Top 15 Data Migration Tools in 2023

    Does migrating data feel challenging? Here are the top Data Migration Tools to look for in 2024.

    The Data Migration service industry is booming, resulting in expensive service charges.

    According to the Data Migration Market Report, the global data migration market size was USD 10.53 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 45.19 billion in 2032. It will register a revenue CAGR of 17% during the forecast period.

    These tools make this complex process seamless and cost-effective for firms.

    Software used by companies to move data from one system to another database with accuracy is what data migration tools are. It helps companies move data quickly but in a secure, organized manner.x

    Top 15 Data Migration Tools in 2023

    1. IBM Informix

    IBM Informix - Data Migration Tool

    It is an embeddable database optimized for OLTP & IoT data. It uses SQL commands for data migration from one operating system to another and can seamlessly migrate SQL, NoSQL, JSON, time series & spatial data.

    It is designed for analytics on edge, cloud, or on-premises. Its native encryption protects data at rest & in motion and supports flexible schema, multiple APIs & configurations.

    By deploying the IBM Informix Data Migration Tool, users can strengthen their workloads quickly in a wide range of environments for quick insights.

    High Availability Data Replication (HADR), remote secondary standby database servers, and shared-disk secondary servers support mission-critical environments.

    Users can quickly deploy the containerized Informix Version on the IBM Cloud Pak® for Data platform on public, private, or hybrid clouds.

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    2. AWS Data Pipeline

    AWS Data Pipeline - Data Migration Tools in 2023

    It is a web service helping users to process and migrate data between different AWS compute & storage services, even on-premises data sources at particular intervals.

    This AWS data migration tool allows users to access their data where it has been stored regularly. Also, they can process it at scale and efficiently transfer results to AWS services like Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, etc.

    AWS Data Pipeline is developed on a distributed, highly available framework designed for fault-tolerant execution of user activities. At the time of data source failure, this data migration tool retries the action automatically and sends notifications to the users.

    With the help of its drag-and-drop console feature, users can easily create a pipeline without needing to write any extra logic.

    3. Hevo Data

    Hevo Data - Data Migration Tools in 2023

    This tool allows users to transfer data from different sources to a source of their choice quickly & efficiently.

    Using Hevo Data, users can move data to a data warehouse, run changes for analytics & deliver operational intelligence to business tools.

    It offers real-time data migration via its scalable framework, which claims to be an automated platform requiring minimal maintenance. It ensures zero data loss and finds the root cause of an issue. This allows them to monitor their workflow to address problems before any vast disaster occurs.

    4. Azure DocumentDB

    Azure DocumentDB - Data Migration Tools in 2023

    Microsoft launched this open-source data migration tool, helping users migrate data from the NoSQL Document Database.

    It stores & fetches user-generated data for web & mobile apps & scales the backend database. This delivers faster reads & writes time by indexing all documents without schema & offers on-demand database scalability.

    It gives users real-time data streaming services of transactional data. Even though it is a free, open-source tool, it migrates into DocumentDB only.

    5. Stitch Data

    Stitch Data - Data Migration Tools in 2023

    It is a cloud-based ETL platform that allows users to migrate data from one server to another without coding efficiently.

    Using this tool, they can focus on collecting actionable data from the database to drive business growth.

    Users can transform data via external processing engines. It offers support SLAs, ensuring a smooth customer experience.

    In addition, it allows users to improve or repurpose the content per their needs. They can use Singer integrations on the Stitch Data platform and take advantage of Stitch Data’s credential management, scheduling, monitoring & auto-scaling features.

    6. Fivetran

    Fivetran - Data Migration Tools in 2023

    This data migration tool offers automated data integration developed on a fully managed ELT architecture. This makes it resilient to data proxy & failure when reducing computational prices—Fivetran claims to eliminate user maintenance.

    It highlights SaaS integrations for building data pipelines by offering a set of connectors to both source & destination connectors processing the pushing & pulling of data.

    Once the data is updated, it lets data teams easily create custom changes. With Fivetran, users can configure & extend the data stack.

    7. Matillion

    Matillion- Data Migration Tools in 2023

    This tool is a cloud-based ETL platform enabling user data migration projects by migrating, extracting & transforming cloud databases.

    This gives users new insights & helps in better decision-making. Matillion collects data from any source with universal data connectors & pipelines.

    With this data migration plan, users can quickly ingest & integrate data into any cloud from any app or system. It simplifies pipeline management by organizing change data capture & batch data loading from a singular control plane.

    8. - Data Migration Tools in 2023

    This data migration tool offers data migration services & supports Various SaaS apps & services. It allows users to access the database with a drag-and-drop no-code interface.

    The tool has over 140 cloud data sources, a Data Warehouse, and databases and manages upcoming changes automatically with zero maintenance.

    Its Field-level encryption protects the streaming data & ensures the confidentiality of sensitive data while transferring it between sources with 24/7 customer support services.

    9. Dell EMC

    Dell EMC - Data Migration Tools in 2023

    This tool streamlines the complex data transfer process from one system to another, saving time and money compared to conventional data migration solutions.

    Its innovative approach provides uncomplicated, reasonably priced intermediate storage for quick data transfer.

    10. IRI NextForm

    IRI NextForm - Data Migration Tools in 2023

    Based on Eclipse, this tool from IRI enables users to move and re-format data from Hadoop, index and sequential files, historical and contemporary databases, and unstructured data.

    The aesthetics of Eclipse combine with the high-volume data transformation abilities of CoSort. It reduces repetitive tasks, automatically modifying a job that is now running or was earlier generated on one system to another.

    11. SnapLogic

    SnapLogic - Data Migration Tools in 2023

    It is an iPaaS offering data migration tool to the users. With its workflow builder, SnapLogic optimizes most of the data migration workflow.

    It allows cloud data migration and gives customers a unified overview of all data. SnapLogic offers data migration from on-premise systems and cloud apps to keep the streaming data synchronized.

    12. Brocade’s DMM

    Brocades DMM - Data Migration Tools in 2023

    This migration tool allows automatic zoning, automatically building migration pairs, and using a scheduling feature to carry out activities at predetermined intervals.

    It offers a creative, potent, and performance-focused solution for high-performance data migration tasks. In contexts with heterogeneous storage, it performs well.

    This DMM can transfer up to one terabyte (TB) high bandwidth, and with a simple setup process, it simplifies migrations between Storage Area Networks (SANs).

    13. HDS Universal Replicator

    HDS Universal Replicator - Data Migration Tools in 2023

    This data migration tool delivers quick and effective replication of small or big data volumes as an array-side application and journal disc caching solution.

    The HDS replication significantly improves data protection while using fewer resources. It maintains redundant data centers in remote locations to recover quickly from mishaps.x

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    14. Apex Data Loader

    Apex Data Loader - Data Migration Tools in 2023

    This Salesforce data loader is a public data migration tool for large importing and exporting data. It can add, modify, and remove many Salesforce records.

    Customers may efficiently use Apex Data Loader to load data into salesforce objects. A data loader will read, extract, and load data from CSV files from a database when importing records.

    15. Rsync

    Rsync - Data Migration Tools in 2023

    This free command-line data migration tool lets Users transfer files and directories to local and distant locations. Mirroring, creating backups, and moving data to different servers are all possible with Rsync.

    Future of Data Migration Tools

    Following certain best practices and tools will help the project team achieve a successful migration, which can be challenging. Thus, tried-and-true best methods will assist companies in lowering migration-related risk while improving the effectiveness of the entire procedure.

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