The Scope of Cloud Gaming for Users and Game Developers

    The Scope of Cloud Gaming for Users and Game Developers

    All know what video games are, how it works, and how to play. Imagine playing video games without gaming PCs or consoles with powerful graphics hardware. More excitingly, years back, was it possible to visualize a server running a game and streaming a video of a favorite game in front of users?

    Excitement will be further increased when people realize technology has made playing the most stimulating video game possible by sending controller input actions over the network to a server.

    Yes, Cloud Gaming is considered to be the greatest revolution in the history of video gaming. People don’t have to wait for a second now to make it their own and get amazed by the much-loved and thrilling games as technology has brought them front of customers.

    All the features and benefits of cloud gaming attract a lot of users today. This brings scope for game developers. Due to this fact, a lot of game-developing companies are coming up. Let us look into all the features of cloud gaming that give scope for game developers.

    Let us learn more about cloud gaming and its scope for game developers.

    What is Cloud Gaming?

    To satisfy the curiosity to know more, here’s all developers and customers want to know about cloud gaming. Cloud gaming is playing games using remote hardware in servers owned by separate companies. This allows users to play video gaming without a specialized console or an expensive gaming computer. The games are streamed through a computer, laptop, or smartphone and can be played immediately.

    Rather than downloading and installing the game onto the system and playing it locally, cloud gaming depends upon internet streaming for delivering games to your device.

    Here, the television, console, computer, or mobile phone does not depend upon the system’s internal storage to power and run the game. This makes the game incapable of running locally and easily through cloud gaming (remotely).

    How does Cloud Gaming work?

    To your wonder, rather than buying Blu-ray discs or DVDs, people today stream their videos. Adding to it, most of the computers come with no disc drivers. Cloud gaming does work similarly.

    Hardware like a console or gaming PC is necessary to run a high-end video game. But, cloud gaming allows users to send processing demands to a company’s server using a mouse and keyboard or a controller.

    When people use cloud gaming service to run a game, a server acts as a high-powered PC somewhere. It does the job of a disc or an app you have installed, streaming video of the game from miles away. A mouse and keyboard or a controller send inputs to the server and stream the results back to the player.

    Users can make the whole cloud gaming available by a subscription, just like Netflix or Amazon Prime. To enjoy cloud gaming to the fullest, users must have a persistent internet connection.

    Benefits of Cloud Gaming

    The significant benefit of cloud gaming is that users wouldn’t need to upgrade the console or PC. Also, with cloud gaming, people can use the existing hardware instead of buying expensive gaming hardware. Cloud gaming also works with cheap streaming boxes and controllers, which can be used with your home network and television.

    Cloud gaming allows games to run on any tablet or PC with any Operating system, such as Linux, Mac, IOS, Android, Windows RT, Chrome OS, and other operating systems.

    While normal video games require much time to download to the device, cloud gaming allows starting the game instantly. Due to these benefits, many users are attracted to cloud gaming. This actually brings scope to the gaming industry.

    Kinds of Cloud Gaming Services Today

    The technology of cloud gaming has been there for a while already. A number of services are there for you in the market, competing with each other to serve you the best and become your favorite. The most well-known platform to use all these services is Netflix.

    All these services have different subscription schemes and rates, which are affordable. The main cloud gaming services are:

    • Google Stadia

    At the moment, the biggest name in cloud gaming is Stadia. Google Stadia is available in operating systems such as Linus, Mac, and TVs via Chrome Cast Ultra, Chrome Books, IOS, and Android.

    • PlayStation Now

    PlayStation Now is the oldest of all, growing every year. Sony introduced it. PlayStation Now is available on Windows PC for you.

    • Nvidia GeForce Now

    This cloud gaming service is known for its utilization of ultra-streaming for lowering latency and non-interruption. Nvidia Geforce Now is available in operation systems such as Android, Mac, and TVs via the Nvidia Shield TV box.

    • Vortex

    It is the top cloud gaming service for newbies. This service is available on Windows, Android, Mac, IOS, and Chrome browsers.

    • Shadow

    It is the most recommended cloud gaming service by users. This service is compatible with Mac, Linus, Windows, Android OS, and Android TV.

    • Xbox Cloud Gaming

    As it is by Microsoft, it has the potential to powerfully and successfully dominate the competition. This service works for mobile devices and Windows.

    Why is Cloud Gaming Becoming Popular Now?

    The most important reason cloud gaming is becoming popular is that today’s technology allows us to do so. Also, companies are offering users streaming games without any virtual latency.

    Most of the services available today support 4K resolution and promised 8K. These resolutions are possible even at a fairly good internet speed. This is another reason for cloud gaming to become popular.

    Moreover, cloud gaming eliminates your waiting time as it doesn’t need to be downloaded and can play instantly.

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    Future of Cloud Gaming

    Cloud gaming has a lot of scope for both users and developers. Cloud gaming has opened an excellent opportunity for users to instantly enjoy games from the comfort of their easy chair with amazing resolution.

    Cloud gaming will be more popular as it is not expensive, especially as it doesn’t require special devices, hardware, or gaming PC. The game can run on any cheap device and TV with a cheap controller.

    No wonder the future of cloud gaming will be more successful as new service providers are coming up. Also, the existing service providers are upgrading through research and development, providing unique offers and promises. So, the cloud gaming industry expects a boom in the coming years. Thus, developers have to be innovative to stay in the market.