Best Coding Languages for Different Types of Games

    Best Coding Languages for Different Types of Games

    As the world of gamification sees new advancements, the need for talented game developers also rises. Game development is a multifaceted process that requires using programming languages as per the need to make games function.

    There are different game types, and the language that will suit a game depends on the type. For instance, to develop a 2D platformer, one might use a language like JavaScript and Lua. But for a 3D first-person shooter game, using C++ or C# will be helpful.

    There are a number of programming languages for game development, and the different types of games that can be developed using each language.

    Popular Programming Languages for Game Development


    C++ is preferred for game development because it’s fast and efficient. Game developers use C++ to build high-performance games and plenty of crucial debugging tools for game development.

    C++ programs run faster and offer a variety of programming paradigms like data-driven and object-oriented programming than other interpreted languages like Python. Also, multiple game engines support C++, offering developers various libraries and practical tools.

    Popular game engines using C++:

    • Unreal Engine
    • Amazon Lumberyard
    • Unity

    Cons of C++ in general:

    • Not easy to learn
    • A memory-managed language
    • Not cross-platform

    P.S.: Not being cross-platform means that even a C++ code technically compiles on different platforms, but the compiled binaries are not cross-platform. And since many libraries and features are platform-specific, the cross-platform C++ code would be limiting.

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    Java is a versatile and powerful language and hence a good choice for game development due to its multiple C++ strengths, and it also runs on various platforms.

    Java virtual machine (JVM) is a platform-independent language, and these games can run on any O.S., either a computer or mobile. Java is the language of native apps for Android Studio. Although Java is slower than C++, that can be a drawback for some game types.

    Game engines using Java:

    • jMonkeyEngine
    • Java 3D
    • libGDX

    Cons of Java in general:

    • Not very easy to learn
    • It can be slow, specifically in legacy devices
    • Not as widely used as C++

    JavaScript, along with HTML and CSS

    JavaScript (J.S.) is also a universal programming language for game development and is relatively easy to learn. It is slower than C++ or Java but suitable for building 2D games.

    HTML and CSS are used for the user interface development of the game. Many people know that HTML helps create the structure, and CSS adds to the styling part.

    JavaScript games run on any web browser, but they aren’t as widely used

    Popular game engines using JavaScript:

    • Phaser
    • Cocos2d-x
    • PixiJS

    Cons of JavaScript in general:

    • Slower than other languages
    • Not widely used for games
    • Limited to the browser


    C# has multiple advantages similar to C++, so it’s a good choice for creating 2D and 3D games.

    C# is a cross-platform language and easier to learn than C++ so that it can run on MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

    The integration between C# and Microsoft Visual Studio is seamless, as are the debugging and testing tools.

    Popular game engines using C#:

    • Unity
    • Unreal Engine
    • Godot

    Cons of C# in general:

    • Not widely used
    • Limited to the Microsoft ecosystem


    Lua is a lightweight scripting language used in multiple industries, including game development. It’s fast as well as easy to learn.

    Lua is often used to build logic and later embed it into other languages. It helps in developing games with complex mechanisms.

    Only some game engines support Lua, so it is used widely like other languages, but it’s still an excellent option for developing 2D games.

    Popular game engines using Lua:

    • Solar2D
    • Gideros
    • LÖVE

    Cons of Lua in general:

    • not as widely used
    • limited to the game development industry


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