Best ChatBot Builders Businesses Must Know About

    ChatBot Builders

    Chatbots allow businesses to provide effective and quick solutions to customer problems and queries.

    Building a tailored Chatbot is essential for businesses. This article explores the best Chatbot builders for developers.

    According to Markets and Markets Chatbot Market Size Report – The global Chatbot market size was valued at USD 4.7 billion in 2022. The market is projected to grow from USD 5.4 billion in 2023 to USD 15.5 billion in 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 23.3% during the forecast period.

    What are Chatbot Builders?

    A Chatbot builder is a software that allows developers to build Chatbots. These builders train the bot and customize the conversations as per business requirements.

    The platform automates brand communication with customers by setting pre-determined scenarios. Moreover, Chatbot builders can stimulate customer interactions. It enables Chatbots to capture leads, serve customers, and drive conversions.

    Here are a few Chatbot developers must consider.

    1. WotNot

    WoNot helps build smart Chatbots. It offers many conversational marketing solutions. Its no-code Chatbot builder allows developers to build Chatbots using the drag-and-drop interface.

    They can also use the pre-existing templates to customize and go live quickly.

    Developers can build a Chatbot and a live chat tool to scale support and sales. The builder offers a “Chatbot to human handover” feature that allows a human agent to intervene in the conversation when needed.

    Chatbot analytics assess the bot’s performance via KPIs, top intents, and average conversation time. It can integrate with Salesforce, Zoho, Shopify, WordPress, Dialogflow, Slack, and IBM Watson.

    It saves Chatbot conversations in the backend. At the same time, the sales team can access the transcripts in real-time.

    2. Intercom

    Intercom offers products in the customer support space. It provides custom Chatbots for use cases around marketing, sales, and support. Developers can integrate bots with e-commerce and social platforms. It also offers live chat options.

    Intercom allows developers to design a bot without coding. It enables engagement with qualified leads through advanced and targeted interactions. It provides conversation integration from social media channels into a CRM.

    Unfortunately, it does not have a free version. Also, its complex UI makes it difficult to build a bot. Businesses must pay more if they have high-value conversations.

    3. is an intuitive tool that helps build rule-based and AI-powered bots. These bots seamlessly interact with prospects and generate high-quality interactions. The tool allows human agents to intervene and control conversations in real-time.

    It offers a drag-and-drop interface and allows businesses to initiate dialog flows. It enables them to test and analyze the Chatbots without coding. It seamlessly interacts with other online apps and tools. Moreover, it lets businesses personalize Chatbots with brand elements.

    Unfortunately, the integrations are available only in the paid plans. It also restricts the number of conversations.

    4. Tidio

    Tidio offers live chat with rapid and integrated Chatbots. It helps build a visual Chatbot builder with a drag-and-drop editor with sixteen triggers. It offers customizable UI elements and thirty-seven ready-to-use templates for various purposes.

    It facilitates integration with other available platforms. It can promote social media interactions. The NLP Tidio Chatbots can process natural languages.

    Its free plan offers three support agents. The communicator plan and Chatbot plans are payable.

    5. LivePerson

    LivePerson allows businesses to build, deploy, and optimize AI-powered Chatbots. It lets firms use advanced analytics for real-time intent detection and continual optimization.

    It allows businesses to custom pre-written chat statements in a convenient, rich live chat. It offers features like hyperlinks and canned responses. These features facilitate a better customer experience.

    The reporting feature is challenging and hard to understand. The Chatbot slows down when there is vast data. Moreover, there is no free trial available.

    6. Pandorabots

    Pandorabots, an AI-based Chatbot platform, offers solutions for full Chatbot development. It has an Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) scripting language-based framework.

    It is a multilingual Chatbot and requires coding. Developers can customize the bot with many possibilities. It is entirely voice-enabled and offers multichannel support.

    There is the availability of RESTful APIs. It also allows developers to understand and download the code. Unfortunately, its free version offers limited features.

    7. Outgrow

    Outgrow lets businesses build a Chatbot to provide a better onboarding experience. The builder offers step-by-step videos on how to build a Chatbot. In addition to building a bot, Outgrow lets businesses create quizzes, surveys, and assessments for user input.

    The builder offers many templates for more straightforward implementation. Businesses can customize the template to align with the brand voice. It supports mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. It offers many integrations like Salesforce, Mailchimp, and Slack.

    On the contrary, the loading speed is low. Moreover, businesses cannot build a customer support bot with Outgrow. It offers a seven-day free trial, and its pricing starts from USD 600 per month for businesses.

    8. TARS

    The Chatbot builder is beneficial for firms who want to automate website chats. TARS streamlines the marketing team’s workflow. It enhances conversion funnels. Businesses can automate lead generation processes.

    It lets companies integrate the Chatbot maker onto the landing pages. It is highly customizable and offers video tutorials to help with onboarding. It also provides analytics tools.

    Unfortunately, it does not offer live chat integration and Chatbot keyword recognition. TARS offers a 14-day free trial, while businesses can get the pricing plans on request.

    9. Aivo

    Aivo is ideal for businesses that need help addressing vast customer queries. The Chatbot builder offers conversational AI, helping brands retain authenticity with clients. Companies can create the bot, deploy it, and effectively track its analytics.

    The bot builder offers support in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. It gives businesses more flexibility. The bot also integrates with platforms like Zendesk, Zapier, and Salesforce.

    Interestingly, it moves the failed interactions to the knowledge base to get them addressed in the future. Unfortunately, it does not offer real-time monitoring while less loading speed.

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    A developer must understand the business use case to help determine the requirements. They must understand that the platforms differ in features, pricing, and integrations. Thus, they must consider all the factors before using.

    Moreover, having the right Chatbot integrations is vital for the best results. Firms must choose a platform to integrate the marketing tech stack with current workflows.

    They must select an NLP-supportive platform. The platform must also have AI capabilities. It lets firms expand the use case and Chatbot capabilities in the long run.

    Lastly, businesses must choose a pricing plan that guarantees savings. It must also allow them to pay as per achieved or non-achieved goals.