Best Certifications for Database Administrators to Advance Your Career


    The competition for DBA jobs is intense, so we recommend some of the best DBA certifications that can help to advance your career.

    A DB Administrator’s job is about managing database environments, including cloud databases, relational databases management systems, or the ones used for database-driven web applications. However, with the intense competition for DBA jobs today, some certifications can certainly ensure that you stand out of the crowd.  This article highlights some of the best DBA certifications that can help to advance your career.

    There might be a possibility that you want to earn multiple DBA certifications to gain varied skills and better employability. For instance, to excel in managing MS-SQL and T-SQL to handle Microsoft-related technology at a firm, there are specified courses, which fall under the ‘proprietary’ certifications’ classification. Such certifications relate to only specific database vendors like IBM, Microsoft, or Oracle. However, there are regular certifications unrelated to vendors like SQL, data modeling, database development, or data analysis.

    Every type of certification has advantages and disadvantages concerning your career path and goals, so decide accordingly.

    Top database administration certifications to choose from

    Here are some top trending database administration certifications mentioned in no order of priority.

    IBM Certified Database Administrator Certification

    IBM DB2 is one of the world’s top database systems, whether in a Unix, Linux, or Windows-based environment. This intermediate-level database administration certification validates admins based on routine administrative tasks, like creating, updating, maintaining databases, and writing basic SQL queries. This exam also tests whether you can manage a database server and monitor its performance, activity, and availability while securing the database system.

    Oracle Certified Professional MySQL Database Administrator Certification

    You might be aware that MySQL is one of the most operated relational database management systems (RDBMS) and is widely known among PHP programmers and web developers.

    This examination tests the following skills:

    • Writing plus optimizing MySQL queries and statements
    • Installing and configuring a database server
    • Understanding database security protocols and techniques
    • Maintaining databases and monitoring as well as upscaling database processes
    • Showcasing high availability tactics

    You can learn the course for this DBA certification through Oracle University, and earn a DBA certificate with an online badge for social media platforms.

    Microsoft Certified Azure Database Administrator Associate Certification

    This certification is a must-have if you are a DBA that needs to work on SQL and Microsoft Azure daily. This is an entry-level certification with one exam where you will need to show the following competencies:

    • Using T-SQL for database administration
    • Allocating data resources
    • Building and operating a HADR environment (High Availability and Disaster Recovery)
    • Automating common administrative tasks

    You can check Microsoft’s free training course. After passing it, you get a certification and a badge for LinkedIn.

    Certified PostgreSQL DBA (CPSDBA)

    If you prefer the SQL version of PostgreSQL, this Certified PostgreSQL DBA (CPSDBA) certification is the one you should go for. This is way costlier, and with a restricted time of 4 days. But, once done, this certification opens many doors.


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